What Is The Meaning Of Love

What is the meaning of love, love is what we experience game any moment that were with someone without power judgments about that or out judgments about ourselves, so love is complete acceptance over with somebody without our judgments a were essentially accepting them how they are we have no concept about how they aren’t good enough or how we want them to improve for how they would be perfect if all all that only exists in parts so without them love is what remains.

The Definition Of Love Summary
The Definition Of Love Summary

The true love

The true love is unconditional we’ll have some fun we truly loves can’t be impacted by words work actions that, we don’t like if our love is conditional upon them acting and speaking that matches what we want really, which is love how they act it’s now really love and lastly love his selfless love its doesn’t need anything in return or want anything term.


We’ll also want not requiring that they do what we want to work gives to us were love us back right that’s all has some selfish motives behind it we love which is love purely innocently with how any ideas of what we’ve may get or want to get in return.

When we love

We experience is freedom its openness its connection so generally where with people the experience and barrier between us that divide,  so the the barrier the wall between us his thoughts its judgments we we have thought so that some other judgments about them, we don’t meet them was just experiencing our thoughts about them and not prevent us from connecting and feeling this intimacy that we really want I I’ll have this for long for this Tennessee.

We feel separate along with we can have this experience is love and connection closeness and togetherness what we just anymore just don’t have worked on believe that judgments that arise in our minds.

As we go through life all of our church minutes prevent us from loving people right, so when we think that they shouldn’t have said that or they shouldn’t have done that that wasn’t good enough for I wish they would be that way then we experience anger, disappointment, longing, feelings of lacking, insufficiency and  all that stuff.

In addition when we are experiencing are positive thoughts about something, those positive thoughts still prevent this from love because in a moment that we think they’re doing something wonderful or I love how they said that to me, then of course we’re gonna also be embedded in that it’s going to be thoughts about how I want them to continue doing that and thoughts about how it would be bad if they don’t or when they don’t do it don’t know how that isn’t good enough, so that’s not love that’s just a conditional experience that we have certain thoughts arise in our minds.