Broken Heart Quotes That Make You Cry

Today we collected some of heart broken quotes that make you cry hope you like them.

Broken Heart Quotes That Make You Cry

I don’t know what’s wrong and i don’t know how to explain it… i do know crying helps me get through whatever the hell is wrong with me…

I didn’t realize you weren’t right for me until it was too late and i was left hurt. i was too busy falling in love with you..

Like a clown, I put on a show. The pain is real even if nobody knows..

You cannot be good enough for everybody, but you will always be the best for the one who deserves you.

I can’t decide whether I don’t care or whether how much I care has hurt me to the point that I’m too numb to know if I care or not.

I’d love to be able to snap my fingers and make all my memories with you disappear.

Rain washes away the sand, showers wash away the stench but tears wash away nothing. If only there were something to wash away my feelings.

As much as I want to learn how to forget, I will never regret anything that happened.

Maybe that’s the reason why I don’t want to fall in love. I don’t want to lose anything.

I love when people make promises. then they break them and it reminds me why i am the way i am.

It’s not that I’m upset, it’s the fact that you don’t care that frustrates me.

Sometimes I wish you weren’t so naïve but, other times, I’m too scared to see how you’d react.

Just say you want me, or you don’t need me, don’t let the silence do the talking.

My heart belongs to you and I can’t seem to let you go…and I really hope that someday you’ll see the exact same pain you’ve caused me.

I don’t think I can handle seeing you look at her the way I wish you looked at me.

Waiting is painful, forgetting is painful. But not knowing which one to do is the worst kind of suffering…

You don’t know how hard it is to go through everyday acting as if everything was alright.

You cant keep doing this to me, giving me hope and then taking it away…

Loving you is a dream; Losing yoIf was afraid that if i showed you how much i loved you, you’d get scared and run awayu is a nightmare but loving you when i already lost you is a reality i refuse to believe.

I’ve learned that goodbyes will always hurt. Pictures never replace having been there and Memories, good or bad, will bring tears.

No matter how hard I try, I’m never the one.

I’ve known you for so long yet you seem like a stranger to me.

I love you more than I did before & if today I don’t see your face; nothing’s changed, no one can take your place. It gets harder everyday.

I keep telling myself after every time we kiss, that was the last kiss. I try to convince myself of it. But then we kiss again.. and again.

If was afraid that if i showed you how much i loved you, you’d get scared and run away.

You were all I ever needed but I was never what you wanted.

Well I tried to live without you but tears fall from my eyes. I’m alone and I feel empty. I’m torn apart inside.