Broken Heart Quotes From Her To Him

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Broken Heart Quotes

I trusted you… but now your words mean nothing to me because the way you act proves everything you said was a lie.

I wish you told me from the start that you were going to break my heart.

Hearing that you don’t love me anymore, was the most painful thing i have experienced.

Your first mistake was leaving me. Your second mistake was giving me the chance to realize I could live without you.

I don’t hate you, I’m just disappointed you turned into everything you said you’d never be.

I love you enough to let you go, unfortunately you don’t love me enough to come back.

You will never understand how much u hurt me until u find out yourself how it feels like.Luckily, you wont ever because I would never hurt you.

You broke my heart but I still love you with all the pieces.

I just wanted you to know you weren’t any good anyway.

I was so stupid to think for a moment you actually cared,  And one day your name just didn’t make me smile anymore.

You don’t see the pain i have to deal with every day without you.

So sick and tired of feeling so misused, taking me down with all your mental abuse and I said I gotta get you out of my head.

I don’t understand why God would let us meet, knowing that we could never be together.

I wish that you were here or that I were there, or that we were together anywhere…

It’s okay. Go ahead and make me cry, let me down, and break me. It’s not like I had feelings or a heart in the first place.

What do you do when the only person who can stop your tears is the one making you cry?


I’m not afraid of love. I’m afraid of not being loved back.

You’re the one who broke my heart, you’re the one who made me cry, yet I’m still in love with you and I don’t know why.

You never know what you have until you lose it, and once you lose it, you can never get it back.

Never get too attached to anyone unless they also feel the same towards you, because one sided expectations can mentally destroy you.

The problem with most women is that they give their all to a guy who isn’t even willing to give her half of his.

You were poison to me, but i was medication for you. funny how some things work.

If you don’t love her, please don’t make her feel. If you love her, you have to make her feel. Simple as that.

People aren’t always going to be there for you, that’s why you learn to handle things on your own.

Letting you go was beautiful, yet tragic. My heart broke, but my mind settled knowing I wasn’t going to hurt forever because of you.

Now what’s the point of loving someone if you can’t afford to take the risk of the fall?

The main thing i look forward to in life is raising dogs w/ someone i love.

I loved you at your worst but you couldn’t even fucking love me at my best.

There’s nothing that I miss more than your name & my name coming out of peoples mouth saying, “They Are The Cutest Couple”
If you leave without a reason, don’t come back with an excuse.

Behind this smile is a very broken person that no one will ever realize is there.

How can you sleep at night knowing that you broke someone?

I know you love him, and you may love him until you die but just cause you love someone doesn’t mean they’re right for you.

Why hurt someone whose only intention was to love you?

The hardest thing in life is knowing which bridges to cross and which bridges to burn.

I can’t set my hopes too high, cause every hello ends with a goodbye.

You don’t find happiness from the acceptance of others, you don’t live to please anybody. You find true happiness from accepting yourself.

It’s like my mind knows what’s right but my heart is being retarded and still cares.

All I did was loving you unconditionally. Now, I don’t even know who I am with a broken heart that cannot be fixed.

Everyday i have to force myself out of bed, and try to get thro the day without thinking about you.

It’s a shame that two hearts can be so attached, but they can’t be together.

And I guess by forever you meant until you found someone better…

I’ll move on but you’re going to have to go through the rest of your life knowing you turned your back on love.

You weren’t suppose to mean that much to me and I wasn’t suppose to fall in love with you.

I hate feeling in my heart that we belong, but knowing in my mind that we cant be.

It wont ever be the same. His heart of stone left hers breaking. every night she cries&dies a little more each time.

Some days I cry simply because you’ll never realize how deeply you’ve hurt me.

I said I’m over you. But every time my phone vibrates, my heart still wishes it’s a text from you.

The sad thing is I’m crying over you and you probably don’t give a damn bout me.

I wanted you to fight for me. You swore you were different, not like the rest. I was wrong.

I still love him, But i don’t want to love him anymore. I don’t want to hurt anymore, please.

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